Bibnets are the answer to the printing problems that arise from having to provide your own number. They are a 100% reusable and do not require any cutting or sticking.

Our original Bibnet product – “Eventing Bibnets”

Our Bibnet Standard pack comes with 2 inserts (front and back), 6 sets of numbers 0-9 with 2 extra 1’s for the 4 digit numbers if ever needed.

The lightweight black magnets are placed on a white number board, which can hold up to 4 numbers.

We offer a number of ways that you are able to personalise your Bibnets, to make it more special to you:

  • Personalise with your name.

  • Personalise with your chosen colour

In addition to our basic set, we offer a “Lorry Board Set’ to allow competitors to display their number in the windscreen of their vehicle, as per Covid-19 regulations. These are also a must for Owner’s vehicles, where we also include the option to add “OWNER” to the top of your lorry board set.

Junior Bibnets

At Bibnets, we know how important it is to try and accommodate to everyones needs.

So this year, we introduced our Junior Bibnets specifically targeted for our smaller Bibnet wearers.

Bibnets as seen on our sponsored riders

Tina and Isabelle Cook

Hector Payne Eventing