Bibnets are the answer to the printing problems that arise from having to provide your own number. They are totally re-usable and do not require any cutting or sticking.


The lightweight black magnets are placed on a white number board which can hold up to 4 numbers. The set comes with 3 of each number 0-9 and with 4 of number 1 should you ever need a 4 digit number as seen by Tina Cook in the photo below.


Another option to your Bibnets set is to add your name at the top as displayed in the picture below. Also there is the option of customising the colour of your Bibnet board.


In addition to the basic set we offer a lorry board to allow the competitor to display the number in the windscreen of the lorry/trailer, as per Covid -19 regulations. These are also great for owner’s vehicles too, in which you can add the text ‘owner’ to the top.


Recently, we have introduced a showing number range, which has proven to be rather popular.

The Showing Back Number is a reusable number which utilises a magnetic system to secure numbers in place. Each back number comes with a combination of numbers to allow you to compose any number combination you wish.

The protective sleeve with reinforced gold rivets keep numbers dry and clean, keeping the number in place yet still allowing easy access. 


These are being introduced after being “test driven” at Semer!

After the success of Bibnets Eventing we thought we couldn’t leave the team chasing customers out. We can tailor the Bibnets to be personalised in your team colours and include your team name too. Bibnets are now renowned for being the jump judges best friend!!