Here you can find the questions to our most frequently asked questions…

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Eventing Bibnets

Are the Bibnets heavy?

Your Bibnets will include a light dry wipe board and a set of light weigh black magnets. A standard Bibnets set actually only ways the same as a banana, as seen below!

What if we are required to include a sponsors name?

We have heavily tested this, and all you need to do in this scenario is print the sponsors name only and put it over the top of your Bibnets then attach your magnetic numbers. The magnetic numbers will attach to the board through the paper!

Are the Bibnets waterproof?

Yes they most definitely are!

Do Bibnets fit 4 numbers e.g. 1000

Showing Bibnets

Can I round the edges of my Bibnets?

We actually offer this option when you purchase your Bibnets.

However you can round it yourself with a pair of relatively sharp scissors.